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Upgrade to Moodle 3.11 is Complete

Upgrade to Moodle 3.11 is Complete

by Josh Moon -
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Hello, Moodle Users,

We have successfully upgraded to Moodle 3.11!

  • You'll notice some subtle and a few not so subtle cosmetic changes in Moodle. If you use Activity Completion, one significant change is how requirements and dates are presented for students and faculty. This information now appears on the course page beneath the activity itself for an improved learner experience.  Faculty can adjust these features in the Course Settings.
  • Faculty will find that they can now "Star" the Activities & Resources they use most often for filtering and convenience.
  • Grading and managing of Forums continues to improve. The "Grade Users" button will display users' posts and support the use of rubrics all in one screen.
  • Our plugin for collaborative annotation is supported by Moodle 3.11 and is still available.
Note: As always, some features in public documentation of Moodle 3.10 & 3.11 are not available as we await further review and refinement.

Please send any questions my way!
Josh Moon
Educational Technology Specialist