Moodle Maintenance -Thursday (12/17/20) at 5pm EST

Moodle Maintenance -Thursday (12/17/20) at 5pm EST

by Josh Moon -
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Hello Moodle Users,

On Thursday, December 17th beginning at 5pm, we will be upgrading Moodle to 3.9, and Moodle will be unavailable for approximately two hours. We ask that you please save your work and prepare to log off Moodle before 5pm EST.

I'm excited about a number of new features including extensive updates to the Forum activity to make it more pleasant to look at and easier to grade.  I don't anticipate any changes being significantly disruptive or unfamiliar to experienced users. I'll provide full notes and any support material necessary once the upgrade is a success.

Thank you,

Josh Moon
Educational Technology Specialist