Preview of the Boost Theme Available Now

Preview of the Boost Theme Available Now

by Josh Moon -
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I’m writing to talk about the future design of Moodle and to invite you to preview it during spring.

In 2016, Moodle introduced the Boost theme with the intention of it becoming the next default.  Boost reorganizes the navigation and look of Moodle significantly.  Its features include reducing the importance of blocks for an improved mobile experience, the use of drop down menus to edit the site, and the introduction of a single navigation menu on the left.  As you experiment with Moodle elements like the Grade Book, the Choice activity, and other modules, you’ll find that Boost is superior in displaying these frames and layouts in Firefox.

The biggest adjustment for faculty is likely to be locating "Edit Settings" for resources and activities.  Boost transfers this function to a gear wheel menu located in the upper right of Moodle course pages. This replaces the familiar Navigation block in the lower left column. 

Future updates to Moodle will make it advantageous to eventually transition from the our Clean theme to Boost.  For now, anyone can try the Boost theme across Moodle with one of two methods:

Quick Method (last for one browser session):

1. Add a tag to the end of your URL (or click the links).  Examples:

Edit Profile Settings (lasts indefinitely)

1.      Clicking your profile icon in the upper right and selecting “Profile.”

2.      Selecting “Edit profile” in the User Details block.

3.      Scrolling to the option for Preferred theme and switching the menu to “Boost Kalamazoo”

4.      Clicking “Update profile” at the bottom of the page. 

To support your preview of Boost, we’ve introduced some training and tutorials.  Moodle 101 has been completely updated to reflect the Boost theme and Moodle 3.3.  This includes an “Introduction to the Boost Theme” section available at the top. Lastly, we have activated a short pop-up tour that appears the first time an Instructor or Teaching Assistant enables Boost and views their course.

We welcome feedback on Boost so please email, call, or visit with comments and questions at any time.

Josh Moon
Educational Technology Specialist