Moodle has been successfully updated

Moodle has been successfully updated

by Josh Moon -
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We have successfully updated to Moodle 3.3.3.  There are small adjustments to Moodle’s many Activities and Resources, but these are the elements you are most likely to notice:

  • The Dashboard features a redesigned Course Overview block.  Viewable by date or by course, the block’s goal is to present both faculty and students with a summary of what’s happening that day, week, and beyond.  This includes shortcuts to tasks you may wish to complete (things to be graded, upcoming assignments, etc.).  For details, you can read more here:
  • Thanks to more reliable Google authentication, the PDF annotator has been restored in grading.  Whether you utilize this tool or not, it will be visible when you select “Grade” to review student assignments.

We've spent numerous hours testing this version of Moodle in both our Development and Production environment but if you notice anything amiss, please contact me.

Look forward to working with you next year!

Josh Moon