Site Entry is Now an Updated Dashboard Page.

Site Entry is Now an Updated Dashboard Page.

by Josh Moon -
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Carolyn, our Director of Web Services, and Aaron, the Tech Services Systems Administrator, were able to work on settings this morning and allow us to update the Dashboard pages for all users.  Thank you to them!

The major change is that we replaced the default "Course Overview" block in the center column with a block that filters the Current Courses, Recent Courses (previous quarter), then Other Courses you might be connected to (including older courses).  The block also includes a link to "All courses" for navigating the entire site.

The hope is that this provides you with quicker access to the courses you're actively using (both students and faculty) during the quarter.  To that end, the Dashboard page with your courses will also serve as the first page you see once you log in.

This aligns with the current default behavior in Moodle, and your feedback is vital as we consider future changes!