Having completed varying amounts of photography course work prior to this class, you will expand your knowledge and skills in Intermediate Photography by working on a combination of prescriptive exercises (mini-assignments) and a significant individual project.

As stated above, the first part of the term (mini-assignments) will be very prescriptive—and you can work with either digital or analog processes. The project, on the other hand, will be all your own. To help you focus on conceptual concerns for this work, you will write a proposal, undergo two working critiques, and craft an artist statement at the conclusion. Your completed project will be presented during week ten.

In between the mini-assignments and open project, we’ll have what I’m calling an historical process interlude. For this we’ll set aside a week to make one fine cyanotype (made from a digital negative).

In the end, in addition to creating a cohesive body of work, it is hoped that you will have raised your technical, formal, and conceptual skills in the realm of fine art photographic practice.