This course is designed to cover the fundamental concepts of Neurobiology, with special emphasis on the human brain. The subject matter includes neuroanatomy, neural signaling, the somatosensory and somatic motor systems, brain development, and cognitive neurosciences.

The virus. Its sinewy, intimate name. What does it feel like in my body today? Shivering under blankets. A hot itch behind the eyes. Three sweatshirts in the middle of the day. My daughter trying to pull another blanket over my body with her tiny arms. An ache in the muscles that somehow makes it hard to lie still. This loss of taste has become a kind of sensory quarantine. It’s as if the quarantine keeps inching closer and closer to my insides.
                                     -L. Jamison "Since I Became Symptomatic" New York Review of Books 8/25/2020