Course description:
The field of maternal and child health (MCH) focuses on diverse health and social issues affecting pregnant and parenting people, people of reproductive age, children and young people. These health and social issues range from perhaps more “traditional” MCH topics like breastfeeding and contraception to complex social issues like violence, housing and immigration. The health outcomes of pregnant and parenting people, people of reproductive age, children and young people are deeply affected by racism and inequality; these issues must shape how we understand maternal, child and adolescent health issues. In this course, we will use the frameworks of health equity and racial justice, social determinants of health, and life course theory to explore selected topics in maternal, child and adolescent health. Our course will largely focus on the United States, but will include some content with a global health focus. Students will read scientific literature, news articles, white papers and other content to explore health topics, and will complete individual and group assignments to deepen their knowledge around specific topics and improve their communication skills.

Course objectives: Students will….
- Gain familiarity with basic concepts and topics related to maternal, child and adolescent health, and examine these concepts and topics using the course frameworks: Health equity and racial justice; Social determinants of health; Life course theory.
- Gain familiarity with public health research methods; and practice reading, interpreting and discussing public health literature
- Gain skills in public health writing and communication