This site is for Interdisciplinary Studio Workshop students.

Course Description and Goals

The objective of this studio art course is to provide the student working knowledge of, and experience with, the fundamental creative tools used in fine art photographic practice. For this particular class, we will use digital cameras, optimize (just a tiny bit, due to COVID) with Photoshop, and review our work via an on-line site called Padlet.

In addition to producing photographs, participants learn to analyze their work in digital critiques. When regarding the images produced in this course, discussion will be centered on technical, formal, and conceptual characteristics. We will also discuss subject matter and content—and the difference between the two. In this critical “reading” of images, like that of a text, we will explore the basics of visual literacy.

To inspire and contextualize we will view historical examples from the Daguerreotype to contemporary practice, with an emphasis on recent digital work. Through this study and the production of a small body of work, each student should finish this course with an introductory understanding of contemporary photographic practice.