This course will provide an overview of major theories, methods, and findings related to understanding mental processes, behavior, and experiences. We will examine the neural basis for behavior and how neural processes are involved in consciousness, perception, learning and memory, and psychopathology. We will also discuss key topics & theories in personality & social psychology.

By the end of this term, I would like you to be able to demonstrate the following Learning Objectives [as outlined by the APA Introductory Psychology Initiative (IPI) workgroup]:
• Identify basic concepts and research findings, and give examples of psychology's integrative themes.
• Apply psychological principles to everyday life.
• Draw appropriate, logical, and objective conclusions about behavior and mental processes from empirical evidence.
• Evaluate misconceptions or erroneous behavioral claims based on evidence from psychological science.
• Design, conduct, or evaluate basic psychological research.
• Describe ethical principles that guide psychologists in research and therapy.