Join Wellspring/Cori Terry & Dancers, Kalamazoo’s professional modern dance company for our Adult dance courses and earn PE credit. Our classes are taught by company members and other professional dance educators and span a variety of types. For the 10-week quarter, you will be able to choose your weekly class to fit your schedule and interests.

Students will be able to pick one class per week to attend (schedule below). Class format varies per class and instructor. Classes are all virtual via Zoom for now but will resume in a hybrid format (with an in-person OR virtual option) as soon as possible.

Students will need to register for a Wellspring Academy Adult Membership for the three months of the term. The cost is $90 and payable via cash, check, or credit card. Click HERE to access the registration form.
Start your day on a healthy foot in AM Power Workout! Classes will combine elements from many group fitness styles including yoga, Pilates, aerobics, circuit training, dance, and more. This efficient workout will build strength and flexibility while also burning calories. You will be charged up and ready to face another day!

Each class will be a bit different from the one before. But, every class will include a warm up and cool down and will get your heart going while working your muscles! Classes will be posted as assignments on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Moodle site. To receive credit for completing the workout, you must submit the associated Completion Quiz. Additionally, each week a forum prompt will be posted and students are expected to respond to the forum posts.